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Menyadari bahwa tingkat turnover yang tinggi dan persaingan yang ketat diantara perusahaan perusahaan dalam memberikan komisi yang tinggi terhadap para "sales people" ini, ANZ Panin Bank ingin menciptakan suatu fasilitas untuk memanage kebutuhan para "sales people" ini dengan baik melalui pengadaan suatu sistem.


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Triasta Integrasi Teknologi


Founded in 2001, Triasta Integrasi Teknologi is an emerging IT solution firm that specializes in defining, creating, and managing accurate IT solutions for enterprises of all sizes.

Whether you are a small, medium-sized operation or a large multi-national corporation, we have the experience and competencies to provide complete end-to-end solutions that are accurate, scalable, and superior in terms of quality and cost.

Through competencies in business strategy, technology, and design, we help organizations grow their business in the most resource-effecive manner to compete and succeed.

It is our mission to design, build, deploy and manage IT solutionthat our customers can depend o�n and the o�ne that can provide them with the most competitive edge in doing their businesses.

Technology: Triasta strives to stay ahead by employing the following technologies in providing the best solution to you: MS ASP, MS SQL, PHP, MySQL, Perl, Oracle, C/C++, Delphi, Mobile Programming, Flash, ColdFusion.

Methodology: A project is o�nly as good as its methodology. And therefore, Triasta employs the following project methodology to ensure that your project is o�n-target, o�n-time, and o�n-budget.

Development Methodology
1. Design and Analysis
a. Feasibility Study
b. System Specification Identification
c. Work Flow Mapping
d. Software Architecture
e. Network Architecture
f. Hardware Architecture
g. Hardware Dependency Study
h. Prototype Development
2. Development
a. Application Development
b. Graphical and Animation Development
c. Library Integration
d. Code Review
e. Internal Testing
3. System Documentation
a. Technical Specification Documentation
b. User Documentation
c. Administrator Documentation
d. Training Documentation
4. Testing
a. Stress testing
b. Security testing
c. User acceptance test
������d. Quality Assurance Phase
������e. Compatibility Testing
5. Installation
������a. Server Application Installation
������b. Database Server Installation
������c. Application Installation
������d. Software Configuration
������e. Post-installation Testing
6. Initialization
������a. Data Initialization
������b. Post-initialization Testing
7. Training
������a. Technology Transfer
������b. Administrator Training
������c. Administrator Certification

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